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The toothpick is one of the oldest implements used by man (and occasionally monkeys). In fact, evidence exists that shows signs of Neanderthals picking their teeth before history was recorded. Until the invention of the toothbrush, the dental tool of choice was a twig or sharpened stick. Sometimes a piece of grass was used as a sort of flossing medium. Hey... you use what you have!

As time moved on the lowly toothpick began to move up in the world. Bronze toothpicks (ouch) have been found as burial objects in some prehistoric graves in Italy and Switzerland. The Romans produced fancy examples in silver and mastic wood. The fabulously decadent Roman Emperor Nero once entered a banquet hall with a sporty silver toothpick lodged in his mouth, causing quite a stir.

By the time the 17th century rolled around the toothpick had reached its zenith as a luxury item. Made from precious metals set with gemstones they were artfully stylized and enameled for the stylish set. The less fortunate made do with porcupine quills or twigs as they had for centuries.

The toothpick we know today came about as the result of the industrial revolution, and the invention of the automatic toothpick making machine by Charles Forster. The Forster style machines are still in use today; one log will produce a million toothpicks! Birch logs are stripped into thin veneers which are cut into strips and finally stamped into the little objects we all know, made from solid birch, and rounded on both ends.

The Cinnamon toothpick was born in 1949, made by drugstore owner August T. Baden as treats for the neighborhood children. They caught on in the 50's and by the 60's they were all the rage. Mr. Baden made millions of toothpicks until he retired in the early '90s.

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