Toothpicks are the oldest dental care tool. Great for (you guessed it) removing the stubborn food particles that get caught between your teeth. Your tongue or your finger just won't do the job.

Toothpicks have other uses too: like as handles on olives or picking up the odd hor'deurve. Or you can use them to stir those little paint-by-number containers. How about cleaning your nails? Or, like Joe King, build a 23-foot-high model of the Eiffel Tower. Anyway, they're handy to have around.

We make them with a fantastic dose of cinnamon oil soaked right in. The benefits of cinnamon oil are many and here are just a few of those reputed...

Cinnamon is a mouth freshener and removes bad breath.

Good for high blood pressure, stomach aches, headaches, and flu.

Cinnamon oil boosts brain function for better memory.

Helps block cravings for cigarettes and keeps the mouth busy.

Cinnamon oil is sugar free and has zero calories.

In Hoodoo cinnamon is used for purification, luck, money and love. What more could you ask for?

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